The sun flare, his little legs, the colours and that shadow. Friday really was full of autumn loveliness. Everything about waking up to a blue sky and sunshine in October makes me smile. It wasn’t long before George asked if we could walk to school and if truth be told I was excited about the prospect of walking as much as he was. Maybe for different reasons although I’m not really sure that mattered. We have both been waiting for a sunshine filled and dry Friday morning to arrive and as I only do the morning school run once a week it was a real treat to wake up to this view after a few days of rain and grey skies.

I don’t remember the last time we walked to school. I remember being able to walk most Friday’s when I worked in Manchester which coincided nicely with the day I would work from home. As much as I don’t miss the commute into Manchester I wholeheartedly miss the opportunity to walk him to school each week, come rain or shine it was a little routine we had, one we both loved. I miss the random conversation, practising his spellings, kicking leaves, holding hands, taking a hop, skip and a jump as we made our way and the laughter. It really is the little things that often have the biggest impact.

These days I literally have to run off the playground to make it to the office in time. I always feel like it is just me but in reality there are others I see making the same dash when I get the opportunity to slow down a little. Working closer to home has meant I get to be far more present than I was at the beginning of George’s school life but still these are the little things miss, there is always something a change in routine brings and until recently I hadn’t realised how much we both miss walking to school. And so, when George asked if we could walk to school this week I thought, why not? I couldn’t think of a reason why not. Something clicked this week, what difference will an extra ten minutes make? It makes no difference, so why not!

What little things do you love, or miss? I’m going to work on celebrating the little things a little more often. Whether here on my blog or my capturing the moment on camera – I haven’t done for a little while but these are the moments I want to remember, to share joy in in months and years to come. Because these are the moments that fill my mummy heart and leave me smiling as I walk away or can’t be present.


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24 comments on “Celebrating the little things {The school run}”

  1. Gorgeous photos! J always asks if she can walk to school but I’m a bit wary of my chest in the colder months so tend not too. I’m also the mum dashing off the playground, first at the door with her, and I feel bad but know that working gives her lots of things I didn’t have as a child. It’s the little things during the busy weeks of madness isn’t it? x #TheOrdinaryMoments

  2. It was lovely on Friday wasn’t it, we went pumpkin picking. I’m wuite looking forward to walking Lucas to school and chatting about what is goong on although I am making sure I treasure these toddler days first x #ordinarymoments

    • I LOVE pumpkin picking actually, might try to squeeze it in this weekend. Definitely treasure the young toddler days x

  3. Those colours are beautiful. It’s nice to go at a slower pace sometimes and just take it in isn’t it? It must be nice to take time with the school drop off sometimes rather than rushing to work but it’s so nice that you have a better balance now x

  4. I love this and those photos too! I really enjoy walking with Ethan back from school (his Daddy takes him in the morning). It’s so nice to feel present and just enjoy a moment together, just us two. xx

  5. I am all about the dash! I do wonder if we miss out trying to have it all… not that we have an option as such. I think its fab you are taking this approach and intend to do the same, as you said whats 10 minutes? #ordinarymoments xx

  6. What a beautiful school run you have. I have just stopped doing the school run after 11 years, and whilst I don’t miss the whole routine of the day, I do miss our little chats we used to have in the car. I agree that you should treasure the little moments as one day those moments will be gone, but new moments will appear x

    • Aww thank you, it is a lovely route. I think it is those little conversations that will always stay with me x

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