How can it be? Another month ticked off the calendar and here we are about to zoom into June which is by far the biggest month of the year for our little family with birthday celebrations for a soon to be six year old. And so let me tell you a little bit about how May looked for us.

Our month of May had us exploring Bluestone Wales, the waterpark, beast hunts, toasting marshmallows, meeting new friends (ducks and rabbits), resting tired feet with wine and the most gorgeous of sunsets, stomping around coastal towns eating fish & chips (dive bombed by seagulls) and spending quality time together as a family all in the gorgeous Pembrokeshire sunshine. On our return we climbed Thorpe Cloud, found a bluebell wood called Parrot’s Drumbell (how fab is that name), took the Barefoot walk at Trentham Gardens and spent the day at Alton Towers with friends.

This month’s photos were taken right at the beginning of May which for us is a first. I managed to take these photos on each of the beaches we visited in Pembrokeshire; Broad Haven South Beach, Tenby and Saundersfoot. As usual I spend a lot of my time hanging back trying to capture my boys or indeed carrying all the bags as they are often off kicking a ball. On a few occasions I could see them having a little moment – I took the opportunity whilst I could to pop the camera on timer and join my boys without them noticing that I was actually taking a photo of the three of us.

This first photo is one of my all time favourite captures of our little family, it brings tears to my eyes when I look back at it – we were having the sweetest of conversations on the most gorgeous of beaches. At this point we had the whole beach to ourselves, we were chatting to our boy about his feelings towards school, the little things that scare him, that he was missing our furry baby, what he wants to be when he grows up and how he wants to live by the seaside. These photo’s will always be very special to me, we had a truly memorable holiday and this photo sums up our holiday perfectly – cocooned in our little family bubble.

And so here are a few things we have been loving in May…

Mr H has been loving… walking our furry baby, exploring Pembrokeshire and finding hidden beaches, planning our itinerary for visiting Spain in August, playing football on the field after school and a lazy bank holiday weekend.

George has been loving… staying in our upside down house at Bluestone Wales, flying his kite on the beach, climbing Thorpe Cloud, celebrating CBeebies Land’s 3rd birthday, and learning how a barge goes through a lock.

And lastly I have been loving… finding a bluebell wood, celebrating our friends wedding, the blue skies of Pembrokeshire, finally spotting some wisteria and lastly finding a pair of pink converse in Mr H’s wardrobe and stealing them.

If you missed our previous Me and Mine Photo’s you can see them here. I have added this post to Lucy’s #MeandMineProject over on her blog Dear Beautiful.

18 comments on “The Me and Mine Project – May”

  1. I have loved seeing all of your gorgeous photos fro your travels in May and these are just as beautiful as the rest. The comment about stealing the pink converse made me laugh a lot! #meandmine

  2. Oh hunny these are just stunning you make me want to go to Bluestone so badly I didn’t realize there was so much to do, to see, and how beautiful it is. WoW! Gorgeous family captures this month for sure. #meandmineproject

  3. What a fun month you’ve had! We loved Bluestone when we went, there s so much for everyone! I love these photos of you and your family, they’re’ so chilled and calm <3xx

  4. Your Me and Mine Project posts always make me smile KA. Having spoken to you about this yesterday, I may start doing these again, I really miss not having family pictures and this is such a good way to make sure you take family pics every month.

    • Aww thank you lovely. I am so happy to be joining back in. I am looking forward to putting them together at the end of the year x

  5. These are such lovely pics — and a lovely post too. I’m so behind with mine. I’ve written the outline of my posts and have taken the pictures each month but just haven’t had time to post them!! I need to get on the case and catch up with myself!! xx

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