Another month has whizzed by! If for a second I thought that February came and went really quickly, which makes sense as its a short month – I’m not quite sure how to describe the month of March. One thing is for sure I am glad to be joining in with this little project this year, it’s post like this one that remind me of our precious family days. This months #MeandMine photo’s were much easier to capture than last months, there aren’t many of the three of us as we took them on our little break at the beginning of the month but amongst them are some of my favourite captures so far this year.

March has been rather lovely indeed. We’ve enjoyed so many gorgeous little adventures, sunshine filled days at the beach, precious family days to celebrate two birthdays, time spent with friends who we haven’t really seen since Christmas – which left me feeling so emotional. We really should see our friends more, I think we all find that life sometimes gets in the way – what with weekends zooming by and generally being so busy. We need to make more time for seeing our friends.

Mr H has loved celebrating his birthday this month, it stretched across two weekends as he celebrated with us and then his friends. He is busy planning our little break this month and as we are planning on taking the bikes he is also trying to figure out the cycle rack on our car.

George has enjoyed sun filled days exploring the new adventure playground at Trentham Gardens, eating the first ice cream of the year. And lets not forget lots of fun at the beach running through the sand dunes, he particularly loved falling down the sand dunes with Mr H. He also enjoyed making treats for me and ‘looking after’ me on Mother’s Day which was a real treat and the perfect day. And lets not forget losing his second tooth and the money the tooth fairy brings, lets just say I am grateful he has no more wobbly teeth!

I have enjoyed a lovely blend of precious family time at the beach and on Mother’s Day walking through the woods, as well as a couple of gorgeous mummy and son days, eating naughty treats and chatting to my gorgeous boy who is growing up so fast lately. The conversation with him lately really makes me chuckle. Lets not forget that feeling of the sunshine on my back, it has been lovely not to pop on a woolly hat or winter coat. There’s something so magical about the sea air and long sunshine filled days.

And that’s March for our little family. Already I am really looking forward to April, we are off to the beach again for a long weekend during the Easter break, we are actually staying in a pod in Whitby which we are all so excited about. Have you visited Whitby? I would love to hear your recommendations. I hope you all have a wonderful month.

I am adding this post to Lucy’s #MeandMineProject over on her blog Dear Beautiful.


13 comments on “Me and Mine – A Family Portrait Project {March}”

  1. Oh Kerri-ann these photos are stunning! (I specially like the ones of you three taken from the floor looking up. ) Beautiful! I’m so so bad at taking photos of our family. I have hardly any of all of us together 🙁 I need to get my Nikon out and sort that out. Thanks for the inspiration lovely!

  2. Oh these St Ann family snaps are fab hunny great to see you on Me and Mine. Everyone is looking like they have had a great time away. I must rent one of these huts one day. So cute. #meandmineproject

    • Aww thank you lovely, March me and Mine were definitely some of my favourite, Aprils already look nothing like this but they hold great memories 🙁 x

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