Spring is in the air, everywhere I look around. We have had a lovely little glimpse of spring when the sun shone a few days ago and honestly I won’t lie it really lifted my mood. Waking up to blues skies this morning and ten degrees was blooming lovely. I have never been one to be affected by the weather but oddly a few week’s ago I started to struggle with the dark mornings and nights. I was starting to feel affected by the grey skies and rain that it made such a difference to see the sun shining and to enjoy some time outdoors fun with the sun on my back.

Spring blooms in the shops and snowdrops filling the grassland are all signs that Spring is on its way and I’m excited. Even my nail bar has brought out all the spring/summer colours in a bid to rid the dark hues of winter. I am also seeing a lovely display of floral prints, pinks and blues on fashion websites and boy does that make me smile. It’s the little things which keep me going when we have been house bound for a day or so due to high winds and rain, and lets not forget the flurries of snow at the weekend.

There are so many little things that have made me smile lately and so in a bid to spread a little joy I thought I would share them with you. And so in several photo’s and far less words than usual here are a few of the little things which I have been loving lately…

In short you will find friendship, spring blooms, floral dresses from Zara, pretty accessories from Laura Ashley, a little bit of Emma Bridgewater and so many little adventures with my boys. I love that I can rely on my boys to make me smile, to fill my mummy heart with so much joy and failing that I can shop until I drop. Sssh don’t tell Mr H!

What little things have you been loving lately?


16 comments on “Things I’m loving lately”

  1. Some really gorgeous photos there. I have been really struggling with the winter blues his year, makes me feel annoyed with myself when I find it hard to shake. Like you say though, spring is just around the corner! Loving your nails! I wish mine would stay nice, whenever I get mine done they barely last a week before looking tatty x x x

    • Aww thank you lovely, I felt like that too, I definitely needed a little sun to shake it off. Painted nails never worked for me either, I have shellac popped on every 3/4 weeks x

  2. You have such good taste and your photos are amazing. You’re red nail polish just pops and I love it. Spring has really a lot to offer and really, what’s not to love right? The joy of seeing nature blooms makes you feel inspired, and the florals are just lovely to see under the sun. I just adore your family, it really seems that you are all having a good time. Please continue going on beautiful adventures and being an inspiration to other moms like me.

  3. Oh this is so lovely sending huge hugs to you. I love you girl. We had so much fun that day. I really can’t wait to do it again soon. Let’s look at the forecast and pick a day soon. Maybe without the kids and then again with the kids too. Photo walks are the future of blogging for sure. hahaha You are the perfect model too. Every time. Lovely post and so good to have your boys make you smile and so happy. I love this idea of things you are loving. #WRC

    • Thanks so much honey, these posts just seem so natural and quick too as I am a bugger for writing really long posts x

  4. I love your floral dresses, I bought myself a couple when I was pregnant in the M&S sale and although I love them, they’re just not me! I’m hanging onto them for now in case I change my mind but I just can’t see myself ever wearing them. Should have known better than to buy things with pregnancy brain! xx

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