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You know when a moment becomes a memory, a simple act of kindness, those magic words which capture your heart. When something as ordinary as a day at the seaside creates a moment that takes your breath away, and even more so when you realise that your husband captured it on camera. Often I am the one behind the camera so for a snapshot of motherhood as perfect as this one to be captured makes me so happy. I am feeling all sorts of love for this boy right now, he’s growing up which makes me a little sad but also so excited for the adventures ahead. I love that I can look back on this photo each day and it transports me right back to that moment.

This is my perfect moment, this is the moment when the stresses of the previous few days were washed away. The seaside is our happy place. I feel so blessed to be mummy to our gorgeous boy, he’s loving and so affectionate and thankfully enjoys a kiss and a cuddle as much as I do. I hadn’t realised that Mr H had captured our little kiss on camera until we made the journey home some five hours later. We stumbled across this jetty whilst we were walking along the Lytham Green, and we couldn’t help but explore. Apparently the sea rarely exposes the whole of the jetty, so off we went to investigate how far we could see.

As we walked along the jetty Lil G asked me to lean down towards him so he could whisper something to me. It was this moment that Mr H captured and I’m so grateful for that. He said ‘I Love You Mummy, This Is The Best Day Ever’. I won’t lie I walked the rest of the jetty with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. The squeeze and kiss he gave me were quite simply wonderful, my heart melted and I felt so overwhelmed with love for my little cutie. I am so glad that we involve him in our adventures. We became a family after all, why have adventures like last week without him?

We had such a simple but wonderful day. We were attending the rather fantastic Lytham Festival to watch Noel Gallagher (nothing ordinary about that), but what was simple were the few hours before. A picnic on the beach, fishing in the sea, exploring a ruin on the Lytham beach, building sandcastles, running through sand dunes and enjoying a fish & chips supper. Lil G loves nothing more than a trip to the seaside and now a music festival.

Here are some more photo’s from our trip to the Lytham St Anne’s seaside…

life as our little family

life as our little family

life as our little family

life as our little family

life as our little family

life as our little family

Do you have a happy place?

KA x

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21 comments on “The healing power of the seaside…”

  1. Bonus points to hubby for capturing the moment. Take it from someone whose son grew up too fast for her liking (he’ll be 18 this year) make the most of those little moments.
    Such a beautiful beach and family day out.

    • Yes indeed, huge bonus points. It really is about making the most of our time together, one day he’ll say no to photo’s and certainly won’t be offering up kisses!

    • Oh you should go Lisa, such a beautiful town, the beach is lovely and then you have to drive into Lytham too which is a few mins away x

  2. Aaah such beautiful photos — and a lovely day too. My littles love a music festival too!! They’re 3 and they’ve already clocked up 5 four day festivals already!!! 🙂 They’ll be festival veterans by the time they’re 18 🙂 Gorgeous post KA — you all look so happy! xxxx

    • Thank you lovely, they are some of my favourite photo’s this year. Oh wow that’s a good number of festivals. x

  3. I’ve said this before but I totally love reading your blog posts KA and this is another peach!! There’s nothing better than sea air, we’ve just had a day on the beach here in Wales today and had a great time. Your pictures are stunning, and yeah there’s nothing ordinary about Noel Gallagher!!! Thank you so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xxx

    • Aww thank you honey. You can’t beat that sea air can you. I hope you have enjoyed your sunny days too x

  4. Oh my goodness KA this is just stunning. My favourite post of yours ever I think. The photos are just utterly stunning and I have heart that Lytham is supposed to be gorgeous- it certainly looks it from these photos. Just beautiful. xx

    • Aww thank you so much Katie. I have to say its in my top 10 too. Lytham really is a lovely beach, you should try to visit when you are up North visiting family. x

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