A SHREKtastic cast – Regent Theatre {Review}

I believe. I believe in the magic of the theatre after watching Shrek at the Regent Theatre last night. We usually only visit the theatre as a family when it is pantomime season, and so it was lovely to watch Shrek together – to watch a movie come to life on stage after several viewings of the movie from home. A huge family favourite. I think it is safe to say that it is definitely one for all the family, full of humour and the sound of laughter from my little boy says it all really. Lots of belly laughs. That said depending on the age of your child the adult innuendo from Lord Farquaad was a little lets just say risqué for my 6 year old who understands more than he should. And very inquisitive when he hears adults laughing.

From the opening scene to the mesmerising dragon scenes and let’s not forget the closing sing-along we were all engrossed and loved every moment. The cast were SHREKtastic, such an amazing collection of performers who really are first class. The staging was colourful, swamptastic even – so much resembled the movie that it really helped George to visualise his favourite scenes from the film.

I couldn’t write this post without mentioning the characters… our favourites were the very fiery princess Fiona, a loveable Ogre, a truly hilarious Donkey (who stole the show) and a vertically challenged Lord Farquaad who entertained the crowd with his swooshing across the stage. Hilarious. I loved the fact the fairytale characters from the movie were a huge part of the production, and oh my goodness their singing voices were incredible. I particularly loved Pinocchio, Sugar Plum Fairy, Wolf and Twiggy the Piggy. I was sad not to see the magic mirror in the musical although the truly amazing dragon scenes made up for that loss. The dragon was incredible. A must see.


I’m a believer. If you want to go and see Shrek The Musical then hurry as it’s only in Stoke until Sunday 13th May. You can find tickets here. It is SHREKtacular.

* Disclaimer – we were gifted tickets in exchange for a review. All words are my own. Photo’s were provided by the Regent Theatre. ©Tristram Kenton


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