10 reasons to visit Jamaica as a family…

I don’t know about you but winter seems to have out stayed its welcome this year and so our little family thoughts turn to sun, sea and sandy beaches. I find myself day dreaming about that feeling of sand in your toes, sun on your skin and ultimately how relaxed we all feel. There’s nothing quite like escaping to a beach, breathing in the sea air and truly feeling like you have left things behind. We need to escape this recent cold snap and there’s nothing more that I love than planning a trip. And so that’s how we spent our Sunday evening, we’ve decided on the Caribbean and quite literally fell in love with these rentals in Jamaica. I love the description of it being the island of happy, of hidden bays, blue skies and white sandy beaches for miles.I read somewhere that when visiting Jamaica you need to pack beachwear, a towel, beach shoes, a camera and cash. Now that sounds like the perfect holiday to me.

As a family we have been thinking about travel a lot recently. I think we’ve all got the bug for flexing our travel guides and what better way than doing it together as a family. George loves to explore, packing his case and heading off on an adventure and it’s been a while since Mr H and I really travelled and so this year might actually be the year that we put some plans in place. Whether its this year or big plans for years to come I really do hope that we are able to introduce George to some wonderful parts of the world, to experience different cultures, food and everything that travelling has to offer. The last time we felt we ticked all of these boxes was when we travelled around Thailand on our honeymoon, that was nearly 7 years ago.

We work all year and in recent months we have both said we owe it to ourselves to have one big summer holiday a year and then a few weekends away in the UK visiting new places. Everything in moderation right? I hadn’t realised until we started to do our research that Jamaica could be a holiday for all the family, I think I just remember the beach scenes from the film Cocktail and thinking that it might have been more of a destination for adults rather than a young family. I couldn’t have been more wrong, from beach clubs and rainforest adventures, jeep safari’s, horse riding to island tours showcasing traditional marketplaces and beaches, Jamaica has something for everyone in the family to enjoy. And let’s not forget the traditional lazy days by the lagoon to beach barbecues.

I thought I would share our top ten reasons to visit Jamaica as a family…


  1. Dunns River Falls – definitely one of the most popular attractions and looks absolutely beautiful from everything I have seen – certainly sounds memorable. The experience of climbing the falls sounds like something you only get to do once and playing on rope swings before falling into the fresh waters below. Definitely one for George and Mr H to enjoy.
  2. Negril Cliffs & Seven Mile Beach – Sounds like an idyllic tropical setting only seen in the movies and the thought of panoramic beach views just sounds pretty perfect to me. It’s also one of the best places on the island to sit and watch the sun go down. I’ll be adding this one to my bucket list.
  3. Montego Bay – Famous for being one of the best beaches – Doctor’s Cave Beach sounds stunning with its beautiful strip of white sand and crystal clear waters.
  4. Blue Mountain Hiking – The highest point in Jamaica over 7000ft high and famous for producing some of the world’s best Coffee. I’m sold! More traditionally it is known for its natural paradise and beautiful scenery, an explorers dream. Definitely one for the list. I can just imagine the views as you reach the top.
  5. Jeep Safari – I love this idea – a 4-hour adventure from Negril or Montego Bay, a chance to visit natural pools and hidden waterfalls, experience a river walk and lets not forget an adventure which is proudly proclaimed as being a chance to see the ‘real’ Jamaica.
  6. Dolphin Cove, Ocho Rios – described as an experience of a lifetime. You get to swim with dolphins, sharks, and stingrays in natural seawater.  No artificial pools or tanks which is so important when visiting an attraction such as this.
  7. Horseback riding – imagine the scene from Cocktail riding a horse along the beach, this goes one stage further where the horses actually walk into the Caribbean sea. The combination of swimming and a gentle horseback ride in the sea – Now that sounds absolutely idyllic to me.
  8. Falmouth (one for me) – A historic town home to many Georgian houses, renowned for its architecture, steeped with culture and so much more. I know the photographer in me will not be disappointed with this unspoilt port. I love the idea of stomping around the streets of a an old town with my camera in front of my face waiting to capture all that is around me.
  9. Rainforest adventure – Do you remember the film Cool Runnings? Well imagine taking a mountain bobsled tour, how much fun does that sound? You ride through the Jamaican rainforest on a bobsled attached to a track.
  10. Sunset sail – I love the idea of truly soaking up Jamaica on a sunset sail on a Cool Runnings Catamaran. The description of anchoring under a star lit sky really has me dreaming of a beach holiday. Each holiday we always spend our last evening watching the sun set, chatting about our favourite parts of the holiday as the sky comes alive before us.

Having spent time with Mr H researching this beautiful island we are more excited than ever to book a trip just like this one. One filled with adventure. Can you just imagine the memories and scenery I would be able to capture, the photographer in me is getting a little over excited at the prospect of travelling to Jamaica. And whilst the adventurers in George and Mr H are already packing their bags I am thinking about my beach wardrobe. We really would be spoilt for choice and be able to tick off so many boxes on our little family adventure list. Whether its a Jeep Safari, Horse riding in the sea or a Rainforest Adventure for George there really is something for all the family. I wonder if we have missed anything? Do let me know in the comments what would be on your bucket list if you visited Jamaica.

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