A morning sunrise, A new series & Pink nails #LittleLoves

A week of bright blue skies, making plans for the year ahead, taking in beautiful sunrises and that morning light which is truly beautiful. A week of eating good food, drinking lots of coffee and taking a new class with my gorgeous boy. It was lovely to train with him, he had the biggest smile on his face throughout the whole session.

And so join me in this week’s little loves…


The pages of my Red Magazine. These two articles really stood out, I love 80’s and90’s fashion, pastel pinks and everything in between. I’m so excited to see what Spring and Summer will bring. And also for as long as I can remember a little but of self-care, something which seems to be very much talked about at the moment. We all need to be kind to ourselves, to love ourselves a little more to spend just a few moments a day on us.


We have started to watch a series called Designate Survivor with actor Kiefer Sutherland playing the lead role. Oh my goodness, it is one of those shows which has you gripped, you know the ones where you just have to watch the next episode. Mr H doesn’t know yet but I may have stayed up rather late watching a few episodes he is yet to see.


Everything and nothing if that makes any sense at all. Nothing really stands out for me this week if I am honest. Instead here is a photo of the sunrise from this week, beautiful right?


Our latest family adventures short film from January. I’m really hoping to build on my creative skills this year. Different angles, different locations as we enjoy our weekends and family holidays. I enjoy putting these together and only hope over the year I can learn and grow.


Friday, Saturday and Sunday are always my favourite days for what I can pull together as an outfit. I spend my week days in a work uniform so to speak, so when it is time to lets say flex my style muscles I do love to dig through my wardrobe. This time of year I do love to bring out the layers and in attempt to welcome spring introducing florals.

And lastly…

I have a gorgeous girly day ahead of me tomorrow whilst the boy enjoy a big boys day at the football. I am off to spend the day with the gorgeous Jenny. The last time I saw her she was hiding a bump and I had to keep it a secret, I cannot wait to see her and a much bigger bump. Expect a few stories and lots of girly photos being taken! Have a great week little loves crew.

I have added this post to Morgana’s #LittleLoves over on her blog Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat.



  1. 2nd February 2018 / 2:36 pm

    I haven’t read a fashion magazine in so long – you make me want to go and buy one!! You look lovely in those pictures, especially the first one. Have a great weekend #littleloves

    • Life As Our Little Family
      2nd February 2018 / 6:40 pm

      Oh you should, treat yourself!

  2. 2nd February 2018 / 4:37 pm

    Oh, I do love your short film, what a brilliant idea. I only seem to take photos as a rule, but I really want to try and video the girls far more, just so that I can look back in years to come.

    Hope you have a fab day tomorrow

    Steph xxx

    • Life As Our Little Family
      2nd February 2018 / 6:38 pm

      Thanks so much Stephanie, I love that we now video some of our days out as well.

  3. 2nd February 2018 / 9:48 pm

    That sunrise is just gorgeous. I do love Red magazine, it’s been one of my favourites for years. Your clothes are so gorgeous, you always look so stylish. Have a lovely time with Jenny x

    • Life As Our Little Family
      5th February 2018 / 2:54 pm

      I love the blend of articles and fashion in Red Mag. Thank you x

  4. 3rd February 2018 / 4:41 pm

    I can’t remember the last time I read a fashion magazine, I have piles of magazines around the house that are waiting to be read but I just don’t seem to find the time. I have started reading books again whilst I’m waiting for the children to come out of school which has been like the calm before the storm!

    • Life As Our Little Family
      5th February 2018 / 2:51 pm

      Oh really? It’s my guilty pleasure for sure. I think stealing a few minutes to read is a lovely way of getting some me-time

  5. 4th February 2018 / 6:46 pm

    Aw hope you both had an amazing day and I know what you mean about heard everything but nothing, there seems to have been a lot of unnecessary noise this week EVERYWHERE! I had a good chat with a friend who advised me to stop listening and give myself a week or two to focus my mind, that and a yoga lesson worked wonders, have a lovely week xxx

    • Life As Our Little Family
      5th February 2018 / 2:46 pm

      We had a super girly day thank you. There is far too much negative noise in this online space at the minute. I hope you had a lovely weekend x

  6. 4th February 2018 / 9:51 pm

    I really do love that green cardigan on you. I hope you had a fun day with Jenny yesterday xx

    • Life As Our Little Family
      5th February 2018 / 2:45 pm

      Thank you love, I love it too although very thick so struggle to wear it with a coat 🙂

  7. 5th February 2018 / 5:14 pm

    Oh, I’m a massive Designated Survivor fan too, series 1 had us totally obsessed! What a beautiful sunrise photo, I agree – morning light is just the best xx

    • Life As Our Little Family
      5th February 2018 / 9:14 pm

      Its great isn’t it. We’re ploughing through although Mr H is still behind me 🙁 x

  8. 7th February 2018 / 1:03 pm

    I have it on my list to join in with this video linky and failed in January, you’ve prompted me to try and get some footage for February. I love the sound of that series, I love Kiefer!

    • Life As Our Little Family
      7th February 2018 / 3:39 pm

      Oh please do, I’d love to see you join in. Kiefer is looking a bit old now though isn’t he 🙂

  9. 7th February 2018 / 7:50 pm

    You are always so stylish KA! I wish I put together outfits like you do. Far too often I’ve been reaching for the same comfy things, I really must put more effort in! I hope you and Jenny had a lovely time together at the weekend xx

    • Life As Our Little Family
      9th February 2018 / 6:48 pm

      Aww you’re far too kind lovely, I think its about a bit of trial and error but also being comfortable lovely. We had a great few hours ticking off some projects x

  10. 12th February 2018 / 11:42 am

    Ooh I forgot about Designated Survivor, we watched the first episode a few months ago when I was exhausted and ended up falling asleep half way through. We must go back and start again because what we saw was really good. Also, love the pink nails xxx

    • Life As Our Little Family
      12th February 2018 / 1:54 pm

      Its a really great series love, definitely one to catch up on. We finished it last night and LOVED it so much. x

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