Planning our first music festival

Just like that another year has passed, our gorgeous boy has turned six years old, and as we return to the routine of work, school, sleep repeat – days without birthday cake and unwrapping presents we find ourselves planning our next big adventure. I say big because it is a birthday surprise for him that we know he will love. His birthday falls at the same time as Glastonbury, each year we watch it from the comfort of our home, whilst he asks us to tell him the story of how Daddy nearly didn’t make it home. How he was enjoying the festival with his friends when at 8am on the Sunday morning he received an emergency phone call from Mummy saying that she was going into labour, some 7 weeks early.

He loves to hear this story, all the details of how Daddy arrived at the hospital with green glitter goggles painted onto his face, mud up to his knees and a smell from four days without showering only for the doctor to ask him to go home and come back clean for the birth of his baby. Oh how we all laughed. He really did lighten the mood in the maternity ward that day and I remember the midwife saying to me, now that’s a story you’ll tell for years and she wasn’t wrong. And so with George’s love for music and the story of the weekend he so very prematurely arrived into the world what better way to celebrate his birthday than at Glastonbury.

If truth be told I don’t think you’ll find us camping, Mr H is determined to persuade me which got me thinking about what it would be like – maybe I should be that brave. As much as it will be George’s first festival of this scale, it will also be mine. And so, as the summer has arrived – although as I write this post it is pouring with rain, the festival season is in full swing so my thoughts have turned to the planning stage. Whether you’ve just returned from Glastonbury and in the deep clean phase, heading to the Leeds Festival or to a campsite by the sea, here is an alternative list of five essentials items to pack in your bag. Forget floral headbands and cowgirl hats, these are the practical items you’ll need to transform your summer trip….

  1. Plasters

The old saying goes that if you take care of your feet and they’ll take care of you. While the weather might be sunny and your wellie boots might stay at home under the stairs, walking around in flip-flops or sandals all day might well cause unwanted blisters, especially if you’ve got yourself a new pair and not worn them in. Be sure to grab yourself a pack of plasters to sooth the pain, but if you do need to stick one on, make a statement of it. Superdrug’s fantastic little tin of Fix’em plasters (Superdrug, RRP £2.99) will keep you looking stylish whether it’s your first festival or you’re a camping veteran.

  1. Squash

We all know it’s important to drink lots of water, never more so than during a heatwave and outside in the sun all day. But let’s face it, drinking water isn’t very rock and roll so why not pack some Robinsons Squash’d (Various retailers RRP £1.99) for your trip. These small but might bottles of concentrated squash come in a range of flavours and add a splash of flavour as you stay hydrated in the sun.

  1. Luxury Sleeping bags

For those who feel glamping doesn’t offer you an authentic camping experience, be sure to treat yourself to a little luxury for your 40 winks. Why not grab yourself a double sleeping bag. Lightweight and easy to carry, these bags will give you extra room and maybe just help you forget your sleeping in a field with tens, hundreds or thousands of other people. The Vango Harmony double sleeping bag (Blacks, RRP £70.00) comes in a range of colourful designs and is lightweight and easy to pack up at the end of your trip.

And let’s not forget the little ones. Festivals are all competing for families to attend and as more and more festival-goers are taking their kids it’s important to give them a little luxury too. After a long day in the field, why not pack your little raver into a Little Life Snuggle Pod (Various retailers RRP £49.99). Choose between a penguin, owl or crocodile and let your littles ones sleep the night away. George has chosen the penguin.

  1. Wet wipes

Parents have kept the true power of wet wipes a closely guarded secret. These handy wipes are much more powerful then they first appear. Not only are they great for wiping little bottoms; they are the ideal travel companions, great for wiping your hands, mopping in tent spill and even cooling you down a long day. Pick up a fragrance-free pack of Pampers wipes (Various retailers).

  1. Stain Remover

Chances are that when the fun is over you’ll need to deep clean your clothes as well as yourself. So keep your festival wear looking fresh and free from any irritating stains by adding some Ace Stain Remover (Various retailers, RRP £2.00) to your post-camp wash. Ace is a mighty stain remover that will help you remove those pesky stains but keep the fantastic memories.

What 5 things are on your list? I would also love to hear your top tips for taking a little one to a festival – we are in full swing planning stage for our first trip to Glastonbury in 2019, only 725 days and counting. And as the festival coincides with our gorgeous boys 8th birthday we really do want to make it a special trip.



* Disclosure – this is a collaborative post


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