Six Child-Friendly Bathroom Tips

For a child, a bathroom is a place of wonder. At first they may not like getting in the bath but once they get used to it, and you give them a few toys, most kids love it.

1. Somewhere for their toys

Which brings me nicely to my first tip, a hook over the bath from which you can hang a netting bag is a great way to store their toys. It may not look pretty, but it works, and gives the toys a chance to dry naturally, over the bath.

2. A home for the baby shampoo and bath aids

A sealed plastic tub is good for storing their shampoo, talc and lotions. Having them in a container that you can pull towards you with one hand while you hang onto your little one with the other is the best way to be able to get hold of each product as you need them.

Other items, like bath aids can be hung on the back of the door. With a bit of thought and ingenuity you will easily find enough space for all of their stuff.

3. Bathroom aids

Once your little ones are old enough, invest in aids that will make it easier for them to use in the bathroom on their own. Doing so is the best way to make sure that they feel confident and make fast progress.

A good-quality, stable stepping stool is an essential. Using one will enable your child to reach everything without having to overstretch or climb on anything.

4. A spout cover and non-slip bathmat

If you put your children in the bath, you ought to invest in a good non-slip bathmat. It is also a good idea to cover your tap spout with a rubber cover. This will prevent your child from hurting themselves on the bath taps.

5. Shower safety

Most parents are very aware of the fact that a bath can be a dangerous place for a young child, but they rarely realise that the same is true of the shower. Every year, hundreds of children are scolded by hot water, some of those horrible accidents happen in the shower. You can avoid this happening to your child by fitting your existing shower with thermostatic taps. These control the temperature and make sure that the water is never too hot. You can easily buy them from places like

6. Install child locks in your bathroom

Toilet lid locks are also a good idea. Once you have done that, encourage everyone including visitors to use it. Fitting child safety locks to a cupboard is also worth doing. There are dangerous chemicals in common toiletries and cleaning products, so it is important to keep them locked safely away.

These basic tips are just some ideas to help you to turn your bathroom into a child-friendly place. There is a lot more that you can, and should do, you can get more advice from CAPT by clicking this link.

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