Half term helpers, Beautiful Blooms & Frankie Valli #LittleLoves


It has been a week of work for Mr H and I whilst Lil G has split his time between Care Club and Nanny’s. He’s coped with it much better than he did in October. He makes me so proud. I won’t lie, I am already looking forward to be being off with him at Easter. I’m finding the school holidays a difficult one to get my head around. Having to split our holidays feels so hard. Thankfully we are all off together at Easter.

And here is our little loves of the week gone by…


I’m still working my way through Strictly Between Us by Jane Fallon, but I did pick up this months Vogue and Hello Fashion midweek which really made me smile. I am seriously in need of a HUGE shopping spree. This year the styles are right up my street, floaty tops, maxi dresses, 90’s slip dresses and sexy shoes. I am beyond excited to see the temperatures rise a little.





I am rather proud of my Valentines creations for my boys on Sunday. Mr H isn’t one to bother with the day but as he spent most of the weekend studying I thought I’d treat him to a good breakfast to set him up for the day. Mr H has been making some scrummy meals from our hello fresh box this week too. And here is what we’ve had…





We watched two movies at the weekend, I’m quite surprised we managed to fit them both in. Jersey Boys was my favourite. And then Southpaw which was also a really good watch, Mr H’s favourite. If you loved the rise & fall of Rocky you will love this too. We also watched the first episode of the Walking Dead, WHAT? What an opening scene. And how many lives does Glenn have?

Jersey Boys


I couldn’t help but download some of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons tracks to my Spotify playlist after watching the film. How good was the music back then? I’m not sure there has been a genre like it since. The style, the vibe. Such easy listening. Feel good music that most people enjoy. Some modern artists are marmite to me.


Mr H surprised me with a little date night on Saturday. We went out for a few drinks. Can you believe I’ve never tried Gin? I’m not really a fan of bitter drinks so the bar man kindly recommended a Poppy’s Gin with grapefruit, pomegranate & pink lemonade. Ooh it was delicious and got me sloshed on only two! I’m such a cheap date.

In terms of what I wore, a little dungaree dress and red lips for my date night, my Zara floral midi dress and cardigan for a little valentines date with Lil G and he wore his new monkey jumper from M&S. He’s really enjoying picking out his own clothes lately. Such a cutie and he has great taste.




PicTapGo-Image (27)


And lastly

It’s a quiet one for us again this weekend as we have two rather big night outs planned in the coming weeks. I’m also unwell with a gastric infection so I don’t really fancy moving much further than my bed or sofa. This is day three of feeling unwell so hopefully it’ll pass quickly now I have antibiotics.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

KA x






  1. 19th February 2016 / 7:03 pm

    You poor thing feeling so ill, hope you’re better soon. Sounds like you definitely need to recharge your batteries this weekend. I just finished reading Strictly Between Us after you mentioned it the other week, I really enjoyed it. Love those flowers, they’re beautiful x

  2. 20th February 2016 / 8:24 am

    Hope you’re feeling a bit better lovely, I hate being ill and am a rubbish patient! How good was The Walking Dead?
    Love your heart toast, so cute, and the floaty dresses, although I can’t get away with them at the minute as they make me look huge. They are so pretty though! xx

  3. 20th February 2016 / 9:59 am

    Huge fan of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons! I am yet to watch the film.. The walking Dead was CRAZY! I cannot wait till Mondays episode! Have a lovely weekend xx

  4. 21st February 2016 / 5:36 pm

    Oh no hope you are starting to feel better now. I was shocked when you said you had never tried gin before. Its the only thing I drink now, after my mum gave me a gin about 5 years ago. I always thought it was for old people (lol) but I think its definitely a more popular drink with youngsters now. Love the heart shaped breakfast you made for Mr H, so cute. Have a great week #littleloves x

  5. 21st February 2016 / 10:23 pm

    I love gin, definitely my favourite drink! Your drink looks lovely. Love the mug too 🙂 x

  6. 25th February 2016 / 8:16 pm

    Yay for gin! That combination does sound rather lovely too.
    I’m loving all the trends for this season too – I just need some pennies so I can get shopping! 😉
    That toast is just so cute, what a great idea.
    Hope to see you linking up for Little Loves tomorrow xx

    • Life As Our Little Family
      5th March 2016 / 10:08 pm

      Just catching up with comments. This season trends are just perfect for my wardrobe. I need some pennies too x

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