Stir up Sunday – A new Christmas tradition…

Over at Chez Hargreaves we love a Christmas tradition so when the lovely people over at Nature’s Finest got in touch to support their #StirUpSunday campaign we couldn’t resist joining in. And what better way to kick of the festivities with a spot of Christmas baking, a pudding to be made in preparation for the big day and best of all the tradition falls on the same day that we were making our annual trip to the Christmas Tree Farm to pick out our trees.

As we woke on Saturday morning the skies and ground were filled with snow. Now isn’t that the most magical start to a festive filled weekend? It was as if the weatherman knew that today was the start of something magical, our little family Christmas. A day filled with traditions new and old.

And so I give you the tradition that dates back to Victorian times, a pudding made with 13 ingredients. Legend has it, if every member of the household gives the Christmas pudding mixture a stir, then their wishes come true – but only if you stir east to west!

If you would like to stir it up with your family using the Nature’s Finest Christmas Pudding Recipe then take a look below and join us in this gorgeous tradition…


I would love to know if you have any Christmas traditions which you follow each year, I am certain we have room for another?

* Disclosure – this post was written in collaboration with Nature’s Finest




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