I have finally given in, given in to the autumn loveliness that is crunchy leaves, cosy knits and orange hues at sunset. No other season delivers this brilliant shade of light, I only wish I could capture it as I see it. Autumn you have my heart. This time of year is just so beautiful, I nearly typed more so than winter but oh my goodness I love winter mornings walking our fur baby so much that I just can’t compare the two. Don’t get me wrong I love seeing snow on the ground but really is there anything prettier than the colours of Autumn? There is so much colour around us, the leaves on the trees, the bright blue skies and orange pumpkins spread across the farms. 

The colours of the trees make every lake look like an oil painting, the food is comforting, and there’s something about the smell of rain falling in autumn – especially when sat in our window seat drinking hot chocolate wrapped in a cosy blanket. Even an old building looks stunning when decorated in orange, reds, yellows and blues. And halloween means carved pumpkins with spooky faces all lit up which really excites me. Which characters shall we carve and paint this year? There is so much to look forward to.

The beauty of Autumn certainly makes me smile, each season has its perks but none quite like fall, as Jenny would say. The days where you wake to such beautiful colours on the ground and the crisp air catching your breath whilst drinking a hot cup of coffee. And so I thought I would share with you the things I am loving lately, some of the best feelings of the season…

  1. Cosy knits 
  2. Caramelised pecan latte
  3. Bobble hats and red cheeks
  4. Crisp air, blue skies and orange sunsets 
  5. Movie nights on a Sunday snuggled under a blanket 
  6. Pumpkin picking and halloween celebrations
  7. Darker nights, yes really. Getting into bed before 9pm
  8. The changing colours of the leaves 
  9. Long winter walks as a family with hot chocolate
  10. Hot baths & candles

If that hasn’t got you all excited for Autumn then we need to chat! Tell me, what do you love about Autumn?


16 comments on “Things I am loving lately {An Autumn update}…”

  1. I have a love hate relationship with Autumn. I love it’s beauty but the end of summer always hits me hard. On the other hand your list is cosy loveliness are my emotional pick-me-ups!! Hot chocolate, blankets, great TV, candles and bubble bath are what Autumn and Winter are all about for me.

  2. Oh I go in and out of loving Autumn. It’s so beautiful and I do love a good sweater but I am still a hot hot beach girl hahah These are gorgeous snaps of autumnal style though hun Love it #wrc

  3. There’s so much I love about autumn, it is definitely my favourite season for everything – TV, clothes, weather, nature. My most favourite thing at the moment is lighting our wood burning stove which will be up and running again very soon I imagine! Gorgeous picture Kerri-Ann, loving those vibrant colours. xx

  4. I LOVE Autumn, it’s may favourite season! That photo of the heart at the top of this post is gorgeous. My favourite things are the beautiful light, the changing colours, the blue skies and crisp mornings, the cosy evenings… it’s too hard to narrow it all down 🙂

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