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What a week. A blooming wonderful weekend yet so emotional what with time away from my boy which despite having a truly amazing time in London I really missed him. And so, if I take you right back to this time last week – oh my goodness the photo walk, what a fabulous two hours, wandering the streets of London, posing in front of houses, photographing flowers at a florist and lets not forget the floors, my two companions and Peggy Porschens bakery. Amazing. The conference was a whirlwind, so inspiring and I have been left feeling so excited for this little corner of the internet of mine. I just need to put it all into action.  

This week has also seen my gorgeous boy, who isn’t yet six, sit his first statutory test. I completely disagree with the Phonics Screening, he’s too young to be sitting structured tests and if truth be told I’m not sure how I feel about whether he passes or fails. He has tried so hard, cried on occasions because he hasn’t quite mastered the practise sheets. Its all just a little too much for me. What is the point of testing them on ‘alien’ words, they make no sense, they are not words he will ever use again. Its confusing for him to see a word which doesn’t form a word, if that makes sense.

And so, grab a cuppa and settle down for this week’s little loves…


After a whirlwind of a weekend in London and home alone with my boy whilst Mr H was in Copenhagen I couldn’t resist a bath and a catch up on my glossy magazines when he returned home. I rarely treat myself to Vogue but what with a breton and sparkly hat on the front cover I couldn’t resist. I do love Alexa Chung.


Mmmm what have we watched. One series I love and always catch up on when I have an hour to myself which is generally at 5am when the house is peaceful is Blue Bloods – it is an American drama, based around a multigenerational family of cops. The storyline flows each series and you become so connected to the family, the sons are pretty sexy too and who doesn’t love Tom Selleck.

The guys in my office are all watching Love Island and have a daily catch up each morning to discuss all the frivolity. I haven’t enjoyed shows like this for a long time, I remember having Big Brother parties with my girlfriends but as the show got more ridiculous I switched off. Since becoming a mummy I really don’t watch that much TV anymore, do I sound as old as I feel?


I have never been a fan of Justin Bieber but I have to say I do quite like his latest song Despacito, gets me all in the mood for our holiday to Spain in August. Swooshing around the streets of Espana with this song in my head sounds pretty perfect right now. And then it’s another Ed Sheehan song for you – Castle on the hill this week. I do love his new album. He’s so talented, he might not be a looker (in my opinion) but he certainly makes up for it in talent.


This week we made these little chocolate rice krispie cakes for George’s bake sale at the school summer fayre. We had so much fun, it was the perfect way to spend our afternoon together, the one day I get to pick him up from school. His class are in charge of the cake stall and so as part of my PTFA duties I am selling cakes for my sins on Friday evening – I will be selling hard #littleloves crew. If I could take orders over the world wide web I’d be making you all buy them from me! Anything for my gorgeous boy. I hope the sweeties will attract the little wandering eyes and hands.

And let’s not forget – this backdrop, if you love a flat lay then I would check these out – I picked this one up from the lovely Lucy at Blogtacular last weekend – this is the pink version. They’re so easy to use, they roll up with being vinyl and wipe clean. I’m already stalking Lucy’s site to see what others I can add to my collection. Mr H has other ideas, why does he always stop me from spending? All the laughs.


There was only one skirt I was wearing for the photo walk, it had to be my sequin skirt from H&M. My skirt and I fitted into the streets of London so well, what with Peggy Porschen’s cupcake bakery (which is pink if you didn’t know) and the pink painted houses I was quite literally in heaven. I’ll be sharing more over on my blog about the photo walk in the coming days, I have so many photo’s so I think they deserve a post all of their own. And lets not forget my new gingham trousers – oh my goodness I love them. I love the look and feel of them, the frill at the bottom and high waist are my kind of look. There’s more about this outfit here if you fancy a snoop – Gingham Style – like what I did there!

And lastly…

This weekend is the beginning of the birthday celebrations for our gorgeous boy, we are off to Legoland for the weekend! The weather forecast looks great which he is so excited about as it means he’ll get to play in the splash park. In ten days time he turns six and oh my goodness I feel so emotional. All the birthday party preparation is complete, the kids will love their party bags – the parents not so much! Master George has selected his birthday cake and designed his cupcakes – my friend may have laughed at one suggestion but she’s running with it. I do love planning a party.

I am adding this post to Morgana’s #LittleLoves over at Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat.



  1. 16th June 2017 / 8:53 am

    I love all your photowalk shots. That gingham outfit rocks them all though. I feel like it should be the cover of RED magazine or VOGUE even. lol You are one fashionista babes. I love all your styles wish we lived closer and had more fun cities like London to walk around in and snap all day long and share our fashion styles more. SO much fun with you when we do it. I am also sad I missed blogtacular now. I regret it I just didn’t get anything out of it in previous years but sounds like this year everyone is saying it was the best yet. 🙂 Typical I am going to NOW blog conference in Manchester though are you coming???? Gorgeous snaps here Happy weekend ahead in the sunshine. #littleloves

  2. 16th June 2017 / 12:42 pm

    Have an amazing weekend in Legoland. We love it there. I’d love to go to blogtacular in the future when my girls are older and the direction of my blog changes. The photo walk looked amazing! You don’t sound old at all. I watch hardly any tv which is partly my none sleeping 12 month old and partly blogging related.

  3. 16th June 2017 / 7:15 pm

    I hope you have a great weekend at Legoland! Happy Birthday Lil’ G! You sure do love that skirt – I think it’s your new statement piece isn’t it? perfect for the photo walk x

  4. 16th June 2017 / 7:25 pm

    Ah, I really don’t agree with testing little kids; they’re so much more aware and stressed out by it these days. I didn’t have a clue what was going on when I sat my SATS at age 7 but just a few years later my brother was so freaked by them that he made himself sick. My friend’s kid did them recently and the pressure is ridiculous.

  5. 17th June 2017 / 6:42 pm

    I swear you should be on the cover of a magazine yourself! You always look so stylish. Love those trousers and that yellow coat and of course that skirt teamed with the stripes is gorgeous. Your photo walk pics are gorgeous. Hope you’re all having a great weekend in Legoland x

  6. 18th June 2017 / 11:22 am

    I just love the photos from your photo walk – all so gorgeous and I LOVE your skirt! I hope you’ve had a great time at Legoland! xx

  7. 18th June 2017 / 8:32 pm

    I love a good catch up with magazines it just doesn’t happen often enough at the minute, I have them lying around the house everywhere. You look fabulous in those photos-your style is amazing! Hope you had a wonderful weekend at legoland-cant wait for our day there tomorrow-shame we missed you! Oh and always boogying to despacito- a real feel good summer song but frustrating as i never want to like Biebers stuff! x

  8. 20th June 2017 / 1:03 pm

    I’m really envious of your photowalk in London, it looked amazing. I’ve been watching and loving Love Island.

  9. 21st June 2017 / 12:17 pm

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the ‘tests’ they mean nothing for the children and definitely not worth poor Lil G getting upset about. I guess it depends on the school’s approach as at ours it’s all very low key and the children aren’t really aware of doing them at all.
    Oh gosh, I do wish I could have gone to Blogtacular with you, I need to book in quick next year, here’s hoping they release the date a bit sooner this time xx

  10. 23rd June 2017 / 11:54 am

    Love, love, love those pictures of you at Blogtacular KA, especially the one against the gorgeous pink tea shop. Oh and I love nothing better than a binge read of magazines and a bath. Sheer bliss. xx

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