Sunshine is the best medicine, good for the soul. Fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat – I took this photo last weekend, let me introduce you to Wishes. She is one of the fairies at Trentham Gardens. Spring is officially my new favourite, I chuckled to myself as I wrote that – I think I say it about every season but what’s not to love about the return of sunshine, warmer temperatures and bright blue skies.

I have added this post to Darren’s #MySundayPhoto over on his blog Photalife.

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  1. I’ve seen these in photos so many times now – I really must pay a visit to Trentham Gardens the next time I’m in the vicinity. It has definitely felt like spring has arrived – okay, we’ve had a couple of grey. wet days since but it’s noticeably warmer now and it’s lovely to start having longer evenings now the clocks have gone forward.

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