These boots are made for walking, does anyone else have a thing for floor tiles? I cannot help but stop and take a photo of a beautifully tiled floor, please tell me I am not the only one? Despite these boots not being so new anymore, I guess you could call a Christmas present new still – well I am still a little bit in love with them and struggle to wear anything different at the moment. They seem to have replaced my wellies, not a bad replacement I say. I am madly pinning outfits over on Pinterest at the moment as to what Dr Marten friendly feminine outfits look like.

And so here are this week’s little loves…


Does a map count? On Sunday we visited a local National Trust site; Biddulph Grange. It isn’t one we have ever been to before, mainly because it isn’t on our side of town, as well as the fact that there aren’t the traditional woodland walks and dens to build for our gorgeous boy. All that said, it was lovely to explore somewhere new, and surprisingly Lil G didn’t complain and really enjoyed reading his map and guiding us through the different areas. I honestly don’t know where he gets his bossiness from.


Mr H popped Hacksaw Ridge on for us to watch. Oh my goodness, what a blooming great film. Mesmerising, heartbreaking and truly freaking amazing. Andrew Garfield plays such a great part, such a great role model, I love how they portrayed his character – how he stood up for what he believed in. Our children need to know this, not that I would like Lil G to watch it but I hope that I can in-still this much determination and inner belief in our gorgeous boy.


Moving swiftly on, there is absolutely nothing to report.


Great friends, a tenuous link I know but stay with me on this one. On Saturday we met up with the gorgeous Jenny who so many of you little loves crew will know. I remember Jenny being the first blogger that I ever befriended, she was the first one I emailed asking for help as back then I had no idea how to copy the code for her Share With Me link up. She was so helpful, and since then is someone I have slowly got to know and love. Last year our friendship took that next step in our relationship when we shared a room for a blogging conference. We did that girly thing where you stay up past midnight chatting about so much and eating cupcakes. That was such a good weekend.


The reason why Jenny and I met up was to take some blog photo’s of each other for a collaboration we are both doing. I’m in love with the detail on this jumper and who doesn’t love a pair of dungas. I would highly recommend any bloggers who live close to do this, whether it’s to help each other on a project or to enjoy a coffee and a play date. It was so nice to take our life online, offline and into a lovely little bit of reality.

And then for our day out as a family on Sunday it was back to my bobble hat and Dr Marten’s. I’m over on the Laura Ashley Blog sharing my go to mum style if you fancy a snoop, sharing more of Jenny’s photo’s.

And lastly…

I have a gorgeous mummy and son day to look forward to on Saturday as Mr H is escaping to watch the football. We are off to an adventure farm to feed some baby lambs which I am really excited about. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

I am adding this post to Morgana’s #LittleLoves over on her blog Coffee Work Sleep Repeat.


29 comments on “Play dates, Blue skies & New boots #LittleLoves”

  1. Oh your boots are fabulous – and I’m with you on the tiled floors – the only problem I have is they’re usually in courts where it’s a little awkward to stop for a photo!! I love the idea of meeting up for a mutual photo shoot, what a great way to both get some lovely photos 🙂

  2. OH babes your words are so sweet. Me and my cupcakes it’s like my friendship signature. hahaha I love it. We had a good time at last weekend together. We must do it again soon. Photo walks must take over I love them. We got such a beautiful day together and the kids played so well like they have known each other forever. Loving those boots. I am in desperate need of new ones but I am wishing the cold away to spend on spring shoes instead. Hope you have a lovely half term. #littleloves

  3. Love the tiled floor. It was a beautiful day last Saturday, you looked like you had a fantastic day. So nice that you’ve made such a good friend through blogging.

  4. Your photos are gorgeous as always KA, and sounds as if you had a brilliant day with Jenny and her family. Sounds as if you have a lovely day planned with Lil G. Have a great week, and I hope there is lots of pictures of baby lambs we can coo over x

  5. I really must visit some National Trust sites this week with my two boys. Adding it to the bucket list! My husband wants to see Hacksaw Ridge, I wasn’t keen but might give it a go after seeing that you liked it. Enjoy your week xx

  6. Love the photos you and Jenny took. That National Trust garden looks beautiful, I do love a wander around a nice garden – think I’m officially turning into my mother now I just uttered those words! Have a great time feeding the baby lambs x

    • Awww thank you, it was a lovely play date and photo shoot. Ha ha I know what you mean about the MIL comment! x

    • Aww thank you, I am a huge fan of dungarees. Meeting Jenny is a real treat, lots of my blogger friends are hours away so it is lovely having Jenny so nearby x

  7. I love those boots! MrsS bought me a pair at Christmas and I have just about worn them in ! Really lovely post, I am really enjoying getting to know you all in this blogging world and I am also very grateful of your help when I had no idea what I was doing either xx

  8. I love floor tiles too, but I expect you already know that because I think I may have told you that I love your hall floor tiles about 100 times now. Loving the DMs too. I have a pair just like yours but have never worn them out of the house because I’m not sure I can pull them off. Seeing you in yours makes me want to try them on again! X x

  9. Aww I love bringing online friendships into my offline life and isn’t it even more special when your kids get on as well? Gorgeous photos. Love your outfit x #littleloves

  10. What fabulous photos this week KA – looking super stylish as ever! I haven’t met up with any bloggers is so long, it’s lovely to find someone you have this in common with isn’t it? Not many people get it! Hope you had a lovely mum and son day

  11. Ahhhh I love that you guys made friends!! That really made me smile. I wasn’t too interested in watching Hacksaw Ridge but you’ve convinced me, I’ll look out for it next time we’re looking for a film to watch. Hope you and G had a lovely day together. xx

    • Oh we have and I feel so grateful. I wish we lived even closer just to pop in for a cuppa. Oh you should definitely watch it, its a super film x

  12. YES!! I DEFINITELY have a thing for tiled floors!! I wrote a post about ‘looking down’ last year — there’s always SO much going on beneath our feet!! It’s lovely that you met up with Jenny for the day!! My mum and dad are only down the road from you and we often come home and go to see the monkeys at Trentham. We should DEFINITELY meet up one day. Go to Shugborough for the day in the summer or something lovely! I’m sure our littles would get on like a house on fire! 🙂

    • Me too! When we picked our bathroom tiles I knew they’d be great for foot selfies. I love the idea of that post, I’ll have to seek it out. Oh my goodness if they are that close then yes we must meet up. x

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