Its half term here for our gorgeous boy and what better way to kick start the holidays with a little walk out to get some fresh air. It was lovely to see him without a hat on, or wrapped up in a winter coat and layers. Spring is in the air and we are all a little excited about the prospect of our weekend adventures basking in the sunshine.

Only a few weeks ago I was complaining how much older his big boy hair cut made him, yet this weekend his curls have returned and so has my cheeky little boy. I think it really is the curls which make all the difference. As he has grown into his new shorter hair I have grown to love the shorter version although when I noticed his curls at the weekend I couldn’t help but smile.

As you read this post our gorgeous boy is enjoying sports club for the most part of his half term, followed by a day with Nanny and Grandad and then a long weekend with me. I am only able to take one days leave this half term – I am determined to make it an extra special long weekend of adventure. We just need the weatherman to play his part.

I’ve added this post to Donna’s #LivingArrows over on her blog What The Redhead Said.

10 comments on “#LivingArrows – Half term”

  1. He really looks so happy here. I’m not looking forward to school holidays, there are so many weeks in the year and I just don’t feel ready to handle the juggling but you seem to cope really well. Hope you have a lovely bonus day together x #LivingArrows

    • I think he did, he was having a real chuckle with his friend. He’s loved sports club thank you Donna, roll on Friday x

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