Ever since the stylish and oh so fabulous Carrie Bradshaw stepped onto our screens in her electric blue Manolo’s and midi length skirts, I have forever dreamed of swishing my way through my rather less fabulous life in a pleated skirt. I’ve never had a properly pleated skirt, that was until September last year. They are such a great alternative to jeans in the colder months, specially since they can be worn with tights and knee high boots. So in essence a big win!

The pleated skirt first entered my wardrobe back in September, I stumbled across this perfectly pink midi skirt in Zara and I have to say it was my favourite until Next showed up with their grey pleated version and oh my goodness I fell in love all over again. I have continued to add a leopard print number from Zara to my collection and I fear it may not stop there.

I haven’t quite managed to wear my pleated skirts with a strappy shoe or even my converse as yet. As soon as the weather allows spring to step into my life I hope to correct this and once again show another side to the new love in my life. The pleated skirt really is a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Now here’s a big statement – they have replaced my skinny jeans. Oh my goodness, its true.

I’m obsessed with cosy knits this season and pleated skirts are the perfect pairing. I feel really feminine wearing this combination and for just this reason I am happy for the colder weather to stick around a little longer. Just a little longer.


I really do love putting a little fashion post together and hope to do at least once a month. Do let me know if there is anything you would like me to share. I think my next post will be all about my first love, a ditsy floral print.


20 comments on “What I’ve been wearing lately…”

  1. I have a nice pink pleated skirt similar to your’s I got from Tescos last year, as you say they do feel really feminine to wear:) All your outfits look lovely!

  2. I’m loving the pleated skirt. I got a gorgeous shimmery one from primark but I still haven’t worn it as every time I put it on I’m just not sure! I’m really not fashion conscious and would really love to branch out from my comfies x

    • Yay for pleated skirts. Is it the silver one you have? I really wanted that one too but hesitated as I have 3 :). Do you wear trainers? Maybe wear it with trainers and a tshirt or jumper to stay comfy? x

  3. I would love to wear skirts more. I love the way they look and feel but I can’t stand tights and hate being cold. May have to get one for when the weather warms up and wear with Converse too. I saw a grey one in the Zara sale that I fancied the look of Love the leopard one particularly x

    • Zara’s skirts are great, not too expensive too which I love. Ooh I love tights at this time of year, all cosy and that x

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