#LivingArrows - life as our little family

Family and adventure is the perfect combination. I love this photo of our curious little explorer so much. I don’t know about your littles but our gorgeous boy is forever excited to play tag. We visited Cannock Chase on Saturday and oh my goodness it was just the perfect way to spend a family day. I lost count of how many times we played tag, but honestly the sound of Lil G giggling as one of us ran after him filled my mummy heart with so much joy.


#livingarrows - life as our little family

He is full of so much excitement, he’s funny and mischievous and a real sweetheart. I love his enthusiasm for exploring the great outdoors. When given the choice of exploring the woods or staying at home to play board games he is the first one to pack his wellies and a bobble hat. I hope that he never loses his love for the great outdoors and that as a family we can enjoy many more adventures as a family.

My love for photographing our little family adventures led me to set up an Instagram community a few months ago and I would love for you to join in. Please do join in by tagging your photos with #MyFamilyAdventures – I love seeing your days out and adventures. Do pop over to the main gallery for a little snoop.

I’m adding this post to Donna’s #LivingArrows over at What The Redhead Said.

25 comments on “#LivingArrows – Adventure”

  1. Beautiful photos! We also love spending time outdoors as a family. Every weekend has to have some adventure in it, or it doesn’t feel right. I will definitely join in with #MyFamilyAdventures – thank you!

    • Thanks so much. I know what you mean, we spend all week at work that I love to enjoy some quality family time at a weekend

  2. He is adorable. We do make cute little boys don’t we! My friend mentioned Cannock Chase as somewhere good for us to meet up because it’s nearish half way, but we’ve not made it there yet. #livingarrows

    • Aww thank you, I think so too. Oh you should definitely visit, one not to miss I think. We need to go more often as there is so much to explore.

  3. You are such an outdoorsy family and it’s so nice that he embraces being outside. Ours love a bit of both – they love a big day out but love their quiet time snuggled at home too x

    • Thanks so much, they are some of my favourites, oh yes you have to be cosy here at the minute, its blooming freezing

    • Aww thanks so much, I have only had a proper camera for just over 12 months now although I do like how they capture our little days x

    • Thank you so much lovely, I think the best days are exactly that. Nothing extravagant just good old family time x

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