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Often this time of year most women (and lets not forget the men) turn their attention to cleansers, toners and moisturisers. What with the temperatures dropping outside and central heating kicking in indoors we all start to worry about our skin drying out. Whilst I don’t ignore my skincare my attention turns to my hair. I have what some would call lion hair, think Monica in the humidity and Rachel as I walk out of the salon and a whole lot of weird and wonderful in between which needs a little taming.

Curly hair, straight hair, coloured hair, bleached and eau natural. In the last ten years I have done it all, experimented with most colours and at times I am sure I have damaged my hair. Whether it be the latest hair trend eau natural, or the summers must have candyfloss locks I have experimented. My hair is my thing, its part of my look, my style often lends itself to my hairstyle. I have learnt over the years that there is no judgement on what we do to our hair; bleached, dyed, curled, straight – whatever we put it through but what is important is the treatments and the love you show to your hair.

life as our little family

Years ago you would find me straightening my hair within a dry crisp of its life, piling on the heat protection products only to wonder why my hair was breaking, yes even this mane of hair breaks. In more recent years a close friend who is my hairdresser has educated me on how to look after my hair which still allows me to experiment. It is how you look after your hair that counts. Because I’m worth it is what I say to Mr H when I need a little me time at the hairdressers.

When I feel I need to give my hair a rest I always opt for the eau natural look. I allow my hair to dry naturally and use products to help style my hair but ones which also protect and serve. I absolutely love the shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products from Bumble & Bumble, for years I have used them and honestly they are the reason I haven’t needed to save for hair transplant costs – you might laugh but honestly after all the weird and wonderful things I have put my hair through it is a wonder I don’t need a little corrective treatment.

And so here are my top five hair care tips…

  1. Wash your hair two to three times a week, max. For me I would say ideally to keep your hair healthy wash no more than twice a week. When I say this to people I can literally hear them gasp. Ask your hairdresser, your hairs natural oils are designed to condition and protect
  2. Have regular treatments at your hairdressers, think of it as a face mask for your hair
  3. Towel-dry your hair before applying conditioner, warm a towel and wrap it around your hair whilst you bathe
  4. Comb your hair when it is wet with a tangle teezer, the difference is incredible – using one of these brushes reduces breakage or damage and honestly has transformed the battle I have with my hair
  5. Try hair oil and dry shampoo – adding a tiny drop of oil and a blast of dry shampoo, your hair will be left feeling like that two-days-after-shampooing feel. It’s also a great, nourishing scalp conditioner

life as our little family

There you have it, my top tips. I do hope my thoughts on looking after your hair have helped. Do you have any hair care tips?

KA x

* Disclosure – This is a collaborative post


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