The end of an era

Today, May 1st, not only is it the beginning of a new month, an exciting month at that, it is also Lil G’s last day at nursery! Eek. Next week he joins the ‘I am a Big Boy’ group at Kindergarden, not only to play in the most fantastic surroundings and to hopefully continue to learn a thing or two, but also in preparation for school in September 2015! Double Eek.

As soon as the alarm went off this morning, my heart was filled with mixed emotions. I’m sad to be saying goodbye to the wonderful ladies at Southlands Nurseries, Lil G’s response to this is quite simply ‘Wow’. However, the other half of me is filled with excitement and a little bit of worry for the start of his new adventure. New teachers, much bigger children, where he will no longer be the eldest, a bigger group rising from 16 to 26, more importantly Lil G has to make new friends. I think this will always be a worry as he moves to school, high school and so on. It starts today! Luckily we are staying with the same nursery just moving to the next stage, a new building away from the nursery, staff and children he has known since he was 8 months old.

We’ve been talking to Lil G about this transition for a few weeks now, his key worker at KG assures me he is ready and will really enjoy the extra space, new toys and of course the new routines. Apparently it’s often the parents who take longer to adapt, you think?! It’s safe to say that’s me! *puts hand up* guilty as charged. On occasions I am most definitely an overprotective parent, but who isn’t? Right?

As a thank you we have made rice crispy cakes for the children (let’s not forget Lil G’s friends) and picked out flowers from our local florist for Tracy, Becky, Emily and Beckie who are the special people closest to him and of course, no thank you gift would be complete without a box of chocolates for the rest of the team.

To… Fran, Joanne, Claire, Sam, Nickie, Tracy, Becky, Emily, Beckie, Jo and of course Les the cook. Thank you for your support and guidance, for helping us to support Lil G in his development. For all the kisses and cuddles you have given him when he’s hurt himself, fell ill and of course for when he’s achieved something. You are very special.

I salute you.

Our thank you gifts

Our thank you gifts

On to our next adventure. KG here we come…

Lil G's last day at Nursery

Lil G’s last day at Nursery

Lil G's last Toddler Tattler

Lil G’s last Toddler Tattler


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