I don’t mean finally writing my first blog, which I set up in October, I mean we did it … Potty Training! So here it is, 7 months later, the start of ‘my thoughts’. My first blog is devoted to Potty Training.

At the time Lil G was 2 years 4 months, some said it was too early, most actually, whereas with the full support of Lil G’s nursery I knew he was ready. He was curious and showing all the signs which you read about. On top of that, Mr H agreed, he has always supported me in my decisions, well anything Lil G related that is! Our potty training adventure began in October 2013 with like most of my master plans an objective, to have Lil G dry in the day by Christmas! In a nutshell we succeeded however it is only now, some 7 months later that I can honestly say we have a potty trained toddler, did it really take that long? I think it did, Lil G was accident free in the day within 6 weeks, and he has been dry for 3 weeks at night. Hooray!

No longer do the words ‘do you need a wee wee’ and ‘what’s that smell’ spill from my mouth. The nappies really did hold in the stinky trumps! Honestly the first few weeks were rather stressful, my days became filled with potty talk, my poor friends, work colleagues and Mr H. I was, for at least 6 weeks consumed with discussions around wee’s wee’s and poo’s.

There were a few of us potty training at the same time, which I have to say was some what needed! Some of my friends succeeded, some failed and others re started the process a few weeks ago as they just didn’t have the patience. It goes without saying that a toddler doesn’t just go from a nappy, to acknowledging the ‘I need to go’ signs and then sitting on the potty instantaneously! That aside, I’m so very proud, that with a dash of patience, a splash of courage (to leave the house) and a dollop of… (let’s not say) We did it!

It goes without saying that the key to our success was that we made the process so much fun for us all. My fun came in the choice of potty, I selected the Baby Bjorn seat, the reviews were excellent and let’s be honest it does look comfortable!

Lil G's decorated Baby Bjorn potty
Lil G’s decorated Baby Bjorn potty

The fun for Lil G came in many forms, selecting the stickers to decorate our potty, a shopping trip to pick ‘Big Boy’ pants, and of course Pirate Pete’s potty book which he took with him every time we left the house! Highly recommended.

Bags packed for nursery, day 3 of Potty Training complete with Pirate Pete's Potty book
Bags packed for nursery, day 3 of Potty Training complete with Pirate Pete’s Potty book

I hadn’t really noticed until yesterday, as I was so used to prompting a trip to the bathroom ‘do you need a wee wee’ that actually Lil G, my super hero was very much in control. Yesterday both Mr H and I were distracted by an afternoon with friends, football talk for the boys (Manchester Utd fans) and wine for the mummy’s, to notice that Lil G had no accidents, and despite a very busy day playing with his friends in the sunshine he still managed to find me, ‘mummy I need a wee wee’ and off we went! It is official…

Pull ups are out, pants are in

*Please note, none of the products were sponsored and were purchased by myself

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  1. I love this!!! I am in the middle of potty training Buba. He is 2 1/2 and has been dry during the day for three weeks now but the nights are harder and he does hold number 2 in a lot. I wish he would just go on the big potty we still have a lot to work on. I believe it does take that long. Good for you for following your own instincts and always great to have a partner’s support. Thank you for linking up to Share With Me. Always great to read more blogs and their fab posts. #sharewithme

    • Thank you Jenny. I really enjoyed the transition, it took longer than I thought it would for Lil G to be in control, at the end of the day he never had to think about his motions before this stage so I think he’s rather clever! I found that Lil G found it easier to go for a poo on the toilet, the positioning was much better x #sharewithme

  2. Hi, even after 7 months Lil G still uses both, try introduces the big toilet morning and night, that’s how we started, as he awakes and as he goes to bed. Our problem is we don’t have facilities downstairs and it’s such a trek from his play room to the bathroom upstairs that he just runs for the potty! Good luck x

  3. wow how exciting!!! well done you guys!
    At almost 10 months Arthur is obviously no where near ready but i’m already dreading potty training!! The book sounds interesting, i’ll have to look in to it! I also think its a great idea to make it fun 🙂 x

    • Hiya, I always thought ahead, try not to dread it, it does need planning and the support of those sharing the care of him. The book, potty & fun element really worked. There is a part in the book which cheers after each successful visit, even now Lil G cheers and gets excited. HUGE achievement x

    • A similar age to our little boy then. Congrats, let me know how she gets on. I remember Lil G’s nanny, my mother in law saying that her 3 were all potty trained by 12 months as nappies weren’t disposable then! Eek can you imagine, clearly it’s possible! #sharewithme

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  5. Great tips, we’ve got the pirate Pete’s potty training book given to us by a friend but (words I never thought I’d say) I have potty envy for your baby bjorn potty. We’ve got a pretty rubbish one from argos and I am tempted to upgrade.
    Going to wait until I’m off for the summer hols (only 6 weeks away) to tackle it head on. Wish us luck xx

    • The potty was the key to be honest, expensive, maybe £25 but as it was more of a seat where his feet could touch the floor it made going more comfortable, helped with no2’s as well. Good luck x

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