Date night

Does it work for you? Lil G is fast approaching the grand old age of 3 and I still struggle to take time out, switch off and remember that before my gorgeous boy, I did have another man in my life, Mr H that is, not my furry baby Alfie or ‘Bear’ as we call him. Hubby and I are guilty of not making time for each other, so like many we made a list of New Year’s resolutions which went like this…

1. A monthly date night – no excuses (we failed)

2. Support Lil G in developing into a beautiful, well-mannered boy

3. A house job list (slowly making progress, it is only April!)

4. A list of ‘Things to do in 2014’ (3 out of 10 so far)

5. A few more which I won’t bore you with

It would appear we’re not alone, I have so many friends who long for a ‘date night’ but sadly a babysitter isn’t always available, and so what’s the solution? Answers on a post it.


Last night I offered to babysit baby B for my friends, he is approaching his 1st birthday and like us they haven’t really mastered the art of ‘date night’. All was going well, upstairs early to put Baby B to bed, would he go down, sadly not. Did he know mummy and daddy were sneaking off? Hoping to eat a meal without getting indigestion. We’ve all been there right? Sadly Baby B was not giving in, as he and both parents were getting so worked up, they decided to cancel their plans. I don’t blame them, I would have done the same. Would you enjoy your night knowing that baby is so stressed? Although experience has taught me that he would have eventually calmed, however it isn’t nice or easy to leave a crying and most likely stressed baby.

We are very lucky in that Lil G’s bedtime routine is and always has been so smooth, he’s also slept since he was 11 weeks old, 7pm – 6am. I can hear the shrieks! Yes you heard it right, Lil G has slept through since he was 11 weeks old. We really do know how lucky we are. However we rarely have a babysitter so our time out tends to be apart. We have yet to have a date night this year, *cue violins*, don’t get me wrong we’ve planned them, they just haven’t quite worked out, leaving us calling out for a takeaway.

As parents, do we expect our social life’s to be put on hold until they are 1, 2, 3, 18…? I certainly did, I didn’t leave Lil G over night until he was 18 months old. Some would say that was too long, I just wasn’t ready. I do believe we are now due our time as a couple back. I envy those friends who have a very close family network, comfortable having their grandchild sleep over from an early age.

And then…

Hallelujah, our prayers have been answered. On a play date today with Lil G’s best friend the topic of date night came up, they too are longing for a solution to their babysitting problem. As we are good friends and neighbours, our boys are growing up together, it couldn’t be more simple, a sleepover. Already the boys are excited. Now we just need to agree a date.

Could it be this simple, a sleepover. I think so!


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