A change is as good as a rest…

Life as our little family

A few week’s ago, well actually it’s nearly three months now I made quite a big decision, one that I hoped would have a positive impact on our little family. It was a decision that affected my day job, which I absolutely love, it isn’t just a job, it is my career which I have established over 13 years. It is one which comes with its pressures but on the other side it also allows for us to live our life the way in which we want to. To enjoy the little extras.

I have been travelling to Manchester for three years and ever since Lil G started School in September it has been a struggle. Until September I think we coped quite well, often the long days would leave me falling asleep by 8pm on a Thursday night but if truth be told we were used to the routine and although it was tough most days, I honestly didn’t believe there was another option. Not local to where we live anyway, hence me commuting to Manchester for three years. And then, if by magic and most definitely at the moment when I was at breaking point, I was approached by a local business and with having an old colleague already working in the team it felt too good to be true.


New books, Blossom & Blue skies #LittleLoves


Hello blue skies and lazy afternoons out with my gorgeous boy. Mr H was at the Man Utd game on Sunday which was subsequently cancelled due to the bomb scare, and whilst we waited for Mr H to come home I got a few hours precious alone time with my gorgeous boy.

I have to say I was a little taken aback, Mr H called me unusually just before the game started, I missed his call as I don’t often hear from him when he’s at the football. On missing his call I had a really strange feeling come over me, I felt sick. I remember sitting on a bench with Lil G waiting to hear back from him but inside feeling like something was wrong. It was a really long 15 minutes, especially as I could see the bomb scare unfolding on twitter. Thankfully he made it out of the ground. And whilst we now know that there was nothing untoward I felt sick to my stomach knowing that he could have been in the stadium and worried as he wasn’t calling me back.

And so on a more positive note I give you this week’s little loves… (more…)

Summer vibes {What KA Loves}

Jones BootmakerIs it just me? When you’re addicted to checking the weather, so you can rock your new gladiator sandals. I don’t know about you but since the sun has been shining I have been feeling the summer vibes and unboxing my strappy sandals and flats. Well, the good news is, it is official, step away from the boots, break out the sandals, and fake tan your feet (because we all know tanned feet look much nicer). It is time to have that all important pedicure and twinkle those toes. Summer has arrived. (more…)

Getting creative with Pinty Plus Chalk Spray Paint

Pinty Plus Chalk Spray Paint

I’m a #PintyPluser – you heard it here first. I absolutely love a little DIY project so when the opportunity came to collaborate with Pinty Plus and Novasol Spray I was actually quite excited about what I could transform around the house. I have been a HUGE fan of chalk paint since last year when we upcycled our Victorian Bedroom furniture as part of our bedroom makeover, although we actually paid a local specialist to do it for us as we were a little nervous of what we might do. It all sounded so complicated. With that in mind, I will admit to being a little cautious this time round, hence my first project being a little on the easy side. My taster of using these chalk spray paints has certainly left me scouting around the house for more bits and bobs to restore, upcycle or just make pretty little things come to life again. (more…)

A little sunshine in May


Is there anything better than a sun filled day? A sun filled day with my boys! Quite simply its family time. Waking to a bright blue sky and the sun shining through the bedroom window feels so good. As much as it means an early rise from Lil G despite the black out blind and curtains, I do really love hearing him bursting into our bedroom saying or should I say shouting… ‘look mummy and daddy it’s a sunny day’. On a week day it means shorts for school and on a weekend it means a picnic, summer clothes and sunglasses. It really is the little things which make me smile. I love how a little sunshine warms the heart, how it brings a smile to your face like nothing else, it really does transform your mood. I don’t know about you but it lifts my spirits and it also means its time to fire up the BBQ and eat lashings of ice cream!  (more…)

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